Mrs. Rebecca Lau

A sucessful entrepreneur, Rebecca built and sold her businesses in her university years. Rebecca became a lawyer for a reputable UK law firm; a childhood dream achieved. As her interest in investment became more prominent, she took on the challenge of working for one of the largest Hong Kong Listed Investment company's and became the Chief Operation Officer in less than 5 years time. In the areas of operations, business dealings and legal issues, Mrs. Lau's years of wisdom and guidance to PRESENCE is invaluable.

Dr. Rebecca Lau

Raised and educated in New Zealand at a young age Rebecca knew her career destination. A dedicated doctor in her commitment to provide excellence in patient management with care and compassion, after leaving New Zealand, she attained more experience within Hong Kong's public hospital system and now works with a well known and prominent clinic within the international population of Hong Kong. In the area of Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Lau speaks in an easy to understand manner to explain the core issues of our emotional behavior and how it relates to emotional intelligence.

Mr. David McConnell

David has over 20 years of experience in the sports and entertainment fields. During his career he has created value for sports federations, media rights holders and platform owners in Asia since 1995 and in Canada prior to that. His successes include securing the Toronto Maple Leafs media rights, acquiring rights to the Chinese Professional Football and Chinese Professional Basketball leagues, assisting with the start ups of several asian golf channels and LPGA events and also developing partnerships between asian and international media owners. David consistently shares his insight and experience with PRESENCE. PRESENCE has grown fuller with David's input.

Mr. Charles Thomas

An executive of one of the most famous theme parks in the world for over two decades, Mr. Thomas is not only a business professional but he also a director, script writer and producer for many drama productions and musical performances in Florida U.S.A. Growing up in a family full of musicians and performers, Charles was nourished in a creative environment; Combining the world of arts in his business dealings has proved to be a powerful tool that has given Charles the edge over others in the cut-throat business world winning him many presentation proposals across the Globe! Mr. Thomas's contribution to PRESENCE is far beyond measure.