Emotional intelligence...

How do you feel? Easy to ask, difficult to comprehend!

  • What limits you from creating strong and lasting business relationships? 
  • Would it be helpful to know why someone is feeling the way they do? 
  • Can you steer someone's emotional state to where you want it to be? 
  • Is there a challenging person you want to influence?

The experts agree - emotional intelligence - or EI - is the foundation of effective relationships.  EI provides us with the added information we need, allowing us to base our decisions not solely on facts alone.  Emotions are real, present, and active in every aspect of business.  They play a critical role in the creation of an effective and productive workplace.  Your EI abilities will help you succeed where others may have failed.
People think about emotions and they think with emotions.  Emotions invade every part of our lives.  You can't avoid them - so why not become more emotionally intelligent through this unique training?

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High Impact Presentation Skills

(For beginners to intermediate presenters)

3 MILLION power point presentation slides are created daily worldwide!

Could you remember the most outstanding power point slide from one of the many seminars you attended throughout your year?

Can you recall the key messages of the presentations you have attended?

Your answer to both those two questions is probably - NO!
Do you want to be just another talking head?
Do you want to just download data to the people you are presenting to?

OR do you want to impact your audience with your presentation that gets RESULTS!

PRESENCE can help you present in a powerful way, making an impact on your audience and also the company's bottom line!

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The Confident Presenter

(For intermediate to advanced presenters)

You've got the basics packed down tight.
You've been presenting for many years.
You feel confident speaking in public.

However, you are not content with being just competent and confident.

This tailor-made intermediate presentation skills workshop will hone your current strengths and concentrate on delivery techniques that you may never have tapped into to gain their tremendous effect when applied in the arenas where you present!

For individuals who want to take their presenting skills to a higher level, this workshop combines presenting methodologies and drama techniques, ensuring participants deliver more engaging presentations. This workshop also helps the participants express moods and emotions, resulting in more creative, persuasive and motivational presentations.

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The Star Presenter

(For advanced presenters only)

You are a seasoned presenter.
You can attain your audience's undivided attention from beginning to the end.
You are well prepared in almost everyway.

This Advanced coaching workshop will enhance your presentation skills till it becomes YOU. Focus and emphasis will be placed on drama delivery techniques, expanding your ability to think on your feet and mastering the art of connecting and motivating your audience!

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Persuasive Communication that gets Results!

Do you ever feel like your ideas are not truly heard?
Do you ever wonder why that happens?
Do you want to do something about it?

Through this highly interactive and practical training workshop, your elite team of staff members will learn to create and develop communication techniques that effectively influence and engage their listeners, and facilitate dialogue. The participant will learn how to clearly communicate with their colleagues, managers, vendors and suppliers to help them understand their ideas and recommendations and win support for them when appropriate.

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Negotiation Skills - 5 Simple Tactics in Achieving Win Win Results!

"Everything is Negotiable!"
"Are we Negotiating? - Always!"
"Can both parties win through Negotiations? -Yes!"

Much in life is about negotiation, and possessing and mastering the skills of negotiation is winning half the battles! Participants in this training workshop will learn the 5 simple steps of negotiation. It's not just about winning the deal for your company, but about learning how to strategically negotiate to obtain a win-win result. In learning to utilize the effective tactics discussed and practiced in this training workshop, healthy, strong, and long term relationships in both your personal and business environment can be established.

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Media Training

Your company's major product launch is just around the corner...
You will be on a television and radio press conference in a month's time...
You know you have a tough crowd of media people loaded with difficult questions...

This training equips you to deal with situations. You will learn and practice how to work effectively with the media, in ways that accentuate your executive personality while demonstrating your confidence and trustworthiness to the general public.

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Consultative Selling

How do you Identify what the real needs of your customers are and recommend the right solution or product?
How do you build rapport and establish trust with your customer within a short time frame?
How can a sales message be conveyed with value and benefits without ending up deselling through information overload?

By participating in this training workshop, your sales staff learn the most effective ways of selling, probing questioning techniques and how to read their customers. Your sales staff will appreciate how and when to close deals so that they can contribute to your bottom line.

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Facilitation Skills

Tired of going to meetings that go nowhere?
Wondering why brainstorming sessions are often futile?

Imagine how effective, amazingly productive and fulfilling it would be if your staff team can plan, facilitate meetings, conduct brainstorming sessions and training events effectively - With the skills and tools they acquire from this course. You can be confident about delegating your staff members to facilitate meetings and events for your team.

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Time Management

Every person has exactly 24 hours a day.
Most people in the workforce put in 9 hours a day BUT
only a tiny percentage of the people in your office can manage their time effectively.


This workshop provides answers to this often frustrating question and also shows practical tips and techniques on how participants can get more organized. A systematic approach in learning how to handle appointments, interruptions, emails, meetings, and over-coming work obstacles with a view to improve effectiveness and productivity will be taught.

No more procrastination and disorganization for the graduates!

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Customized Training Solutions

We understand every company has it's own unique training needs, what are yours?

Could it be a need to select a profile assessment for your leadership team?
Could it be interpersonal skills such as Active Listening or Delegation?
Could it be a series of tailor-made workshops for the development of your present and future leaders ?

Whatever your training needs might be; come and talk to us, together we can find the right tools for your team! You will be glad you did.

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Talent Management

Please contact PRESENCE for more information!

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